“Five Stars! Oscar-worthy Screenwriting & A Directorial Cinematic Masterpiece from Chisa Hutchison & Lanie Zipoy” – UK Film Review

“The narrative plays out seamlessly from different angles and time-frames, from one side of the camera to the other, allowing the story to reveal itself at its own pace without anything ever feeling shoehorned or forced. Chisa Hutchinson’s screenplay, adapted from her own stage play, hits all the right notes in terms of social dynamics whilst also managing to layer a much deeper subplot that asks us to question our own role in the pervasiveness of racial injustice: Are we just passive observers of an unchangeable situation, or does the fact that we see it happening without getting involved or doing anything make us complicit?” – Film Forums

The Subject is tense film, well-directed by Lanie Zipoy and beautifully written by Chisa Hutchinson. The Subject doesn’t ever feel like it’s trying too hard, or trying to be important. It just is important…[Jason] Biggs and the gifted ensemble around him shine.” – The Artswire Weekly

The Subject is unexpectedly emotional, impressively gripping and full of tension, with a satisfyingly dramatic turn from Jason Biggs and a brilliantly powerful performance from Aunjanue Ellis.” – Film Carnage

“A must see film! Jason Biggs is better than ever.” – Reel News Daily

“Will burn permanently into the memory of anyone who comes near it.” – DC Metro Theater Arts 

“[Aunjanue] Ellis is a powerhouse!” – Films Gone Wild

“Outstanding! Add this to your Watchlist…ASAP!” – The Daily Fandom

“4.5 Stars! Highly Recommended!” –


Deadline Exclusive: Gravitas Ventures to release The Subject October 22, 2021

The Hollywood Reporter: The Subject as part of the Bentonville Film Festival.

Variety: The Subject as part of the Lighthouse International Film Festival.

 The Knockturnal: The Subject at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival.